Rise in Antique Engagement Ring Demand

The demand for art deco engagement rings and antique engagement
rings has increased during the last year. There are many
reasons for this increase in popularity, which includes the fantastic filigree workmanship which is impossible to recreate. Consumers of fine jewelry are now understanding and appreciating this.

Another reason for the increase in popularity of antique and art deco
rings is due to the rise in the demand for these pieces, therefore the
supply is getting harder to fulfill. As in economics, with more demand,
and less supply, the prices will increase. Furthermore, as the popularity
rises in America, the demand is also on the rise in the Far East diamond
market. The Far East consumer is willing to pay a lot of money for an
antique diamond ring. The more the consumer will spend in the Far East, that will push the price higher in America and the demand will continue to grow.

When you buy antique, you are being “green.” There are no synthetic
materials being used. In conclusion, the majority of consumers demand
conflict free diamonds. All antique and art deco engagement rings are
conflict free.

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Antique engagement rings are reminiscent of romantic days long ago. With every original antique ring, and every piece of original art deco jewelry, there is a fascinating story to be told about that piece thru history. Antique jewelry from the early 1900’s is quite unique and special.  It is from a time in history where jewelry was considered sacred. The process to create these original pieces was unlike any other, very artistic, extremely time consuming, and never to be seen again.  This process involved a jeweler sitting at his workbench for days on end to create a one of a kind filigree engraved design.  Once this design was complete an original vintage diamond would be set.

Original antique and art deco jewelry was formed during different periods in time. Antique jewelry becomes more popular with time, as people seem to appreciate the timelessness and beauty of each period: art deco, victorian, art noveau, edwardian and vintage.

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